Package org.orekit.files.general

This package provides interfaces for orbit file representations and corresponding parsers.

EphemerisFile, EphemerisFileParser and EphemerisFileWriter for orbit ephemeris and AttitudeEphemerisFile, AttitudeEphemerisFileParser and AttitudeEphemerisFileWriter for attitude ephemeris provide a standardized interface for accessing and writing the data in ephemeris files. Each ephemeris file can have data for one or more satellites and the ephemeris for each satellite can have one or more segments. Each ephemeris segment is interpolated independently so ephemeris segments are commonly used for discontinuous events, such as maneuvers. Each specific implementation provides access to additional information in the file by providing specialized return types with extra getters for the information unique to that file type.

For example to create a propagator from an OEM file one can use:

 EphemerisFileParser parser = new OEMParser()
 EphemerisFile file = parser.parse("my/ephemeris/file.oem");
 BoundedPropagator propagator = file.getPropagator();

The parsed ephemeris file also provides access to the individual data records in the file.

 // ... continued from previous example
 // get a satellite by ID string
 SatelliteEphemeris sat = file.getSatellites().get("satellite ID");
 // get first ephemeris segment
 EphemerisSegment segment = sat.getSegments().get(0)
 // get first state vector in segment
 TimeStampedPVCoordinate pv = segment.getCoordinates().get(0);
T. Neidhart, Evan Ward