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[Orekit Users] Newbye question on how to get satellite location given a TLE

Hi and compliments for your super project!

I'm a newbye and moreover I know nothing about background concept of this project. 

I'm simply developing a software in which I have to find azimuth and elevation of a Satellite at a given time from a given Ground Station. Moreover I want to find Satellite lat and long.

What I have tryed to do is: after setting OREKIT_DATA_PATH, create a TLE object

TLE tle = new TLE(
    "1 07530U 74089B   14068.85842801 -.00000028  00000-0  96998-4 0  9129", 
    "2 07530 101.4628  53.9967 0012290 127.9050 292.4577 12.53603117799073");

TLEPropagator propagator = TLEPropagator.selectExtrapolator(tle);

But I have not found a way to create a ground station. Moreover I can get only PVCoordinates from propagator and I don't know how to get relative angular coordinates to plot satellite position projected on a world map.

How can I get information requested? 

Thank you and sorry if my question is silly