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[Orekit Users] Tokyo Space Apps Challenge - SpriteOrbits - contribute remotely if you have JSP/Google Earth skills

I've proposed that SpriteOrbits


be given a Google Earth interface.


I applied for a slot at the Tokyo International Space Apps Challenge
earlier this week. I was put on a waiting list five deep. The good
news: I've made it through the waiting list and now have a ticket to
enter the event. The bad news: I'm totally trashed from sleeping
mostly on airplane over the last two days. Hence this cry for help.

Zac is working on his own global display graphics for the ground
station work. It would be nice to have a coordinated effort on tasty
graphics for KickSat but I'd rather stay out of his hair.

If you have experience with
   Java development
   Orbital mechanics (and especially the Orekit package)
   Google Earth API

consider becoming a virtual participant. There's a formal process


but you can do it informally if you like. I've started a Google Hangout


but I've never gotten the hang of hangouts, so I'd appreciate help
with this too.

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