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[Orekit Users] Ephemeris Data PVCoordinatesProvider

Hi all.  Firstly, so glad I found this library, but man I wish I found it

I've built this system (literally in a few hours, thanks to this library)
which reads ancillary data form an earth-observation satellite and computes
projections from this craft onto the surface of the earth.

Up to now I've used a TLEPropagator with NORAD-tracked TLE data to provide the
PVCoordinatesProvider functionality, but this is not good enough anymore.  The
data I'm processing could be several years old, and obviously the TLE data is
not accurate more than a few days out.  Fortunately, the craft has extremely
accurate positioning systems on board, and I've got access to that data.

How would I go about creating a PVCoordinatesProvider for this Ephemeris data?
The data I have is literally ECEF position and velocity vectors, with ECI
residuals (though the latter can be ignored for now).  I've tried implementing
the PVCoordinatesProvider interface myself and then use my own interpolation
methods in the getPVCoordinates method, but this is not accurate enough, and
I'm not sure what to do with the provided Frame.

Is there a way to achieve this with the library itself, or has anyone had to
do something similar in the past?

In a similar requirement I was able to use the TabulatedProvider for the
Attitude information, but I can't seem to find/construct the equivalent for
the orbital attributes.

Thank you in advance!
- Thinus