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Re: [Orekit Users] Orekit selected for SOCIS 2014


Are students studying in countries that have European Cooperating State Agreements with ESA eligible for this program?


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On 05/01/2014 12:17 pm, MAISONOBE Luc wrote:
Hi all,

ESA has announced on 2014-05-01 the list of open-source projects
selected for its Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS) 2014. We are very
happy that our project has been selected this year, as it was selected
 previous years. The complete list of selected projects is available
here: <http://sophia.estec.esa.int/socis2014/?q=node/13>.

Students who are studying in one of the ESA member state can apply to
the SOCIS projects. Our own list of ideas is here:
<https://www.orekit.org/forge/projects/orekit/wiki/SOCIS>. If you are
interested, look at the SOCIS site to see the conditions for
application. If you want to apply to one of the Orekit proposed
subjects (or if you have another subject you want to propose us), feel
 free to use our developers mailing lists (see our mailing lists page
for subscribing to the list).

best regards,
Luc, on behalf of the Orekit team

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