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Re: [Orekit Developers] Orekit Classes who's function is based on inheritance

Petrus Hyvönen <petrus.hyvonen@gmail.com> a écrit :

Hi again,

Hi Petrus,

I have been looking for which classes which function is primary based on inheritance. In the python wrapper of orekit these will need a special treatment so that the orekit java class can be inherited from and extended in python.

So far I have worked with the *Detector classes in org.orekit.propagation.events.

Are there other classes that are commonly inherited from as well?

Yes, there are also two major interfaces for step handles in propagation.sampling (OrekitStepHandler and OrekitFixedStepHandler). Another class that may be extended by users is the Frame class. It is a concrete class so it can be used directly, but as soon as one needs a frame that is time-dependent the class must be extended to implement a specialized version of the updateFrame method (the default implementation does nothing, so it is suitable only for frames that do not move with respect to their parent frame).

best regards,

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