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Re: [Orekit Developers] protected constructors in DifferentialOrbitConverter

Petrus Hyvönen <petrus.hyvonen@gmail.com> a écrit :


Hi Petrus,

I'm trying to get the TLE adaption working through my python wrapper, but came to some confused state.

Why is the DifferentialOrbitConverter constructor and method declared as protected (and not public)? I'm trying to access these externally, but this is maybe not the envisioned usage? I do not see in the unit test example that they are inherited, but the unit test is declared in the same package so it can access it directly.

I think it is a mistake, the constructor was probably copied from the base class before being modified. The same issue was is the LevenbergMarquardtOrbitConverter.

I have fixed this in the Git repository.

thank you for the report

best regards,

Best Regards

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