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Re: [Orekit Developers] Removing derivatives in GAST, GMST, ... functions from IERSConventions

On 01/04/2017 05:49 AM, MAISONOBE Luc wrote:
Hi all,

The getGASTFunction, getGMSTFunction as well as some internal private classes like StellarAngleCapitaine do return DerivativeStructure to include the first time
derivative of the Earth rotation.

However, it seems this derivative is never really used by Orekit itself, since some changes months or years ago (probably when we did the last speed improvement in
Earth transforms).

I would like to remove this derivative and simply return a double with the angle
itself, as it would greatly simplify porting these methods to Field.

Does anyone use these derivatives directly or can I change the return type from
TimeFunction<DerivativeStructure> to TimeFunction<Double>?

I don't use the derivatives in any code.

Best Regards,

best regards,