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Re: [Orekit Developers] Low-thrust maneuvers in DSST propagator

Mirco Rasotto <Mirco.Rasotto@scisys.de> a écrit :

Hi all,

Hi Mirco,

I'm trying to use low-thrust maneuvers with DSST propagator.
I found out that this feature was added some time ago to the list of projects for ESA's annual Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS), as a possible expansion of the existing Orekit DSST propagator.

Has this been implemented already? If yes, is there a branch that I can check-out to try it? To which extend is it reliable?

No, this is not yet available, it is still something we would very
much like to have. It was also discussed quickly during th Orekit
day in Toulouse in November.

If you want to develop it and contribute it to Orekit, you're welcome!

best regards,



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