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[Orekit Developers] Low-Thrust Implementation in DSST

Hello all,

I am working on my doctorate dissertation on low-thrust trajectory optimization. I have been looking at implementing low-thrust into the DSST propagator. From a previous post on this topic:

As low-thrust propulsion can be modeled as an acceleration and as Orekit implementation of DSST can consider general acceleration models contribution to both mean elements and short periods, it should be easy to add a low-thrust model to DSST.

Could the modeling of the contribution be done by applying the ConstantThrustManeuver force model to the getLLimits(spacecraft state) to the DSST AbstractGaussianContribution class?

Or would the other option be to use DSSTForceModel's initialze to get a list of short period terms and apply the acceleration contribution to the updateShortPeriodTerms.

Thank you

Space Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory
Western Michigan University