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[Orekit Users] orekit with cpython through JCC


Has someone been trying to inteface orekit to cpython using JCC? (http://lucene.apache.org/pylucene/jcc/index.html)

I have managed to compile the wrapper on mac osx, but not on windows, the basic functionality seems to work (stepped keplerian propagation etc) from cpython ('normal' python, in comparison to jython). Python has a rich access to plotting and visualization, that's why I'm trying...

my JCC command on mac is:
python -m jcc --jar orekit-5.0.jar --jar commons-math-2.2.jar --include orekit-data.zip --shared  --python orekit --install --files separate --build

which creates a python module 'orekit' with a copy of orekit-data visible for the module. From here, it can be accessed in python by:

import orekit


Trying the JCC line on windows xp on my machine, gives some compilation errors w gcc. Maybe someone else has better luck :) (let me know in that case :)

Best regards