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[Orekit Users] Question on using getIntersectionPoint


I'm having a question if this is the right way to use getIntersectionPoint.
I'm trying to simulate the coverage of a relay satellite in geostationary orbit.

The geostationary satellite I have modelled as a GroundPoint with 6 earth radius altitude, and then transformed to an inertialFrame EME2000 frame.

I have my two positions as Vector3D coordinates in inertialFrame.


Create a Line with 
los = Line(ref_pos, geo_pos)

ip = mysc.ore_earth.getIntersectionPoint(los, geo_pos, inertialFrame, time)

and if this is == None (Null) then it has a clear view I would think.

The results are not what I expect them to be, no contacts in what I would expect the coverage region and some at other locations. Would this be the/a correct way to use getIntersectionPoint? Is it ok that the Line is in a different frame than the OneAxisEllipsoid, as long as it is specified in the call?

I do not understand the Line object really, los.contains(geo_pos) gives False, as well as los.contains(ref_pos). The los.origin gives a different value than given in the constructor?

Any comments appreciated,


Petrus Hyvönen, Uppsala, Sweden
Mobile Phone/SMS:+46 73 803 19 00