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Re: Re: [Orekit Users] error using boxAndSolarArraySpacecraft with numerical integrator

mrt67@msstate.edu a écrit :


I am using "orekit-6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" with "commons-math3-3.0.jar".  I am not
sure where the files came from.  They were sent to me by a colleague.  Do you
know if the fix has been applied in this version?  If not, is there a
particular version I should be using?

Since the fix has been introduced quite some time ago, it is highly probable you already have it (it depends on the date the snapshot was taken). If you really want to make sure, you can retrieve the current version of the sources from the git repository (using "git clone http://www.orekit.org/git/orekit"; from the command line or any similar action from a graphical Git tool or IDE) and build it yourself (using maven is the simpler, just run "mvn package"). I doubt this will improve things in your case, though as you seem to already have a recent enough version.

Could you trim your case down to a simple standalone progam (say 50 lines or so) that reproduce the issue and show it to us along with your data configuration (description of the JPL and IERS files you use)?




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