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[Orekit Users] Instantiating TLEPropagator Fails


First, compliments to the team on a very, very well architected library!  I am
just exploring how to use it, instantiating the objects within Matlab.  I've
been using the Keplerian propagator successfully, but can't understand why I'm
getting the following error when trying to instantiate a TLEPropagator:

code fragment:

%% ITRF Earth Frame
ITRF = FramesFactory.getITRF2008()
earth = OneAxisEllipsoid(const.re, const.flattening, ITRF)

%% ISS current TLE from Celestrak
tleLine = ...
    {'1 25544U 98067A   14066.59481438  .00023344  00000-0  39858-3 0  8248'
    '2 25544  51.6482 243.1693 0003329 216.1098 255.4889 15.51194691875564'}
issTLE = TLE(tleLine{1},tleLine{2})

issMass = 500000.0; % kg

%% Attitude provider
issAttitude = BodyCenterPointing(ITRF)

%% TLE Propagator
issPropagator = TLEPropagator(issTLE, issAttitude, issMass)

All of the objects get created ok up to the issPropagator, which throws:

"No constructor 'org.orekit.propagation.analytical.tle.TLEPropagator' with
matching signature found."

issTLE is of class TLE,
issAttitude is of class BodyCenterPointing < implements AttitudeProvider
issMass is of class double

( I did try passing java.lang.Double(issMass) to be certain it's passed as a
java double, but that should be happening anyway the way Matlab invokes Java…)

According to the Java doc and looking at the source for TLEPropagator that
should work?  Or what am I missing?

Merci beaucoup et salutations de l'Arizona!