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[Orekit Users] Correct values for DihedralFieldOfViewDetector axis1, axis2, and center

Can anyone tell me what the correct values for axis1, axis2, and center would be for a  target on earth?


I’ve modefined the DihedralFieldOfViewDetectorTest file (\orekit-6.1\src\test\java\org\orekit\propagation\events\DihedralFieldOfViewDetectorTest)


To have a target on earth but not sure what Vector3D parameter values should be used for ground pointing:


GeodeticPoint point = new GeodeticPoint(FastMath.toRadians(25.61379), FastMath.toRadians(-80.38402), 0.0);

                TopocentricFrame stationFrame = new TopocentricFrame(earth, gPoint, "AOI");

                final PVCoordinatesProvider aoiTarget = stationFrame;


final double maxCheck  = 1.;


final Vector3D center = Vector3D.MINUS_J;

final Vector3D axis1 = Vector3D.PLUS_K;

final Vector3D axis2 = Vector3D.PLUS_I;


final double aperture1 = FastMath.toRadians(28);

final double aperture2 = FastMath.toRadians(120);


final EventDetector sunVisi =

           new DihedralFieldOfViewDetector(maxCheck, aoiTarget, center, axis1, aperture1, axis2, aperture2).

           withHandler(new DihedralSunVisiHandler());         


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Carlos Krefft