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Re: [Orekit Users] SpriteOrbits + Google Earth

Michael Turner <michael.eugene.turner@gmail.com> a écrit :

My team's efforts at the Tokyo International Space Apps Challenge won
an award. And we didn't even need to rig the demo very much. :-)


Congratulations to you and your team!
I've seen some pictures on flickr, it seems to have been a large event with numerous projects.

The not-yet-updated repo:


Zac has said that there will be significant uncertainty about
KickSat's position until contact can be established. I hope the
relevant parameters can be determined in time for the release of the
Sprites. The efforts of ground station volunteers will undoubtedly be
key to orbital parameter acquisition, prior to release.

One of the Space Apps Challenge team members here is keenly interested
in making a Japan ground station. I've also had offers of help from a
company in Finland, and will be at Indonesia's Institut Teknologi
Bandung later in April, to talk about SpriteOrbits and ground station

At the Space Apps Challenge event, our team proposed that KickSat
could do some real science, insofar as real Sprite orbits could be
determined and compared to what Orekit's idealized atmospheric drag
models predict. I hope that isn't an unrealistic hope. Such a goal is
very much in line with Mason Peck's original vision of Sprites as
far-upper atmosphere probes.

Note that even if not everything is ready for the launch from a software point of view, it would always be interesting to gather raw data from the ground stations, so it can be processed later on. Time stamps at signal reception should be as accurate as possible. I don't know what kind of measurements will be accessible as the signal is only one way, but try to get what you can (time of reception of course, but perhaps signal strength, frequency shifts, angular direction ...).

As long as I'm here: Zac has expressed disappointment about the state
of the Wikipedia article about KickSat


and as the lead author of that article, I regretfully agree. The
upcoming launch and mission will generate more attention (and more
vandalism), and the article lacks significant coverage of ground
station efforts. Please consider helping out on this. I'll try to get
the Japanese article updated.

I would like to have an article on Orekit too, but for now there are none.

best regards,

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