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[Orekit Users] Orekit TLE questions


I have some questions regarding the usage and implementation of TLE. I have a long TLE list that I'm about to propagate.

- My TLE's are specified to be in SGP4, however sometimes the orbital period is above 225 minutes. It seems like the ephemerisType of the TLE is not used in the propagator selection of algorithm, TLEPropagator:
        // Period >= 225 minutes is deep space
        if (MathUtils.TWO_PI / (xn0dp * TLEConstants.MINUTES_PER_DAY) >= (1.0 / 6.4)) {
            return new DeepSDP4(tle, attitudeProvider, mass);
        } else {
            return new SGP4(tle, attitudeProvider, mass);

I think this should only be valid for epheremisType DEFAULT, if SGP4 or SDP4 is set it should select them regardless of period?

- Is there a neat/any way to use eventdetectors together with TLESeries? i.e. I would like to propagate for a long duration and capture events while each 2'nd day or something update the TLE that is used for propagation parameters. Don't know maybe dateDetector could be used to find regular events where the getClosestTLE is done, but not sure how to 'update' a TLEPropagator with new parameters while keeping the eventdetectors?

Many thanks

Petrus Hyvönen, Uppsala, Sweden
Mobile Phone/SMS:+46 73 803 19 00