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Re: [Orekit Users] orekit-7.0 called from matlab


I don't have R2014b but calling Orekit 7.0 from Matlab 2013a works well for me.


2015-01-28 9:59 GMT+01:00 Houdroge Rami (THALES SERVICES) <Rami.Houdroge@cnes.fr>:
Hi Ryan,

I will look into upgrading ISSTracker to orekit 7.0 and will get back to you.


Rami Houdroge

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I was trying to explore possible uses of orekit from within matlab but ran into problems trying to use the advice at https://www.orekit.org/forge/projects/orekit/wiki/Integration_in_Matlab with orekit-7.0.jar and Matlab R2014b.  I get errors like

Undefined variable "DataProvidersManager" or class "DataProvidersManager.getInstance".

I am able to load and use orekit-6.0.jar using or following the example of "http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/42733-isstracker-v1-0-0",
which uses orekit-6.0.   Replacing orekit-6.0 with orekit-7.0 in isstracker
resulted in the same error I have been encountering, so there seems to be something different that one must do to successfully load orekit-7.0 classes into matlab.

I am happy I at least gained access to orekit-6.0 from within matlab.  I can at least take a look at the possibilities and maybe start to learn why my
orekit-7.0 efforts failed.  However, I am very curious if anyone out there has been able to use orekit-7.0 from within a recent version of matlab.