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Re: [Orekit Users] Orekit librairie

FRANCASTEL Agnes <agnes.francastel@thalesaleniaspace.com> a écrit :


Hi Agnès,

First of all, as this users list is international, we use
only the English language for discussions.

J'essaye d'utiliser Orekit pour faire une propagation d'orbite.
Comment appeler les méthodes orekit dans mon programme java ?

J'arrive à lancer les tutorials. Mais dès que je suis dans un nouveau projet, c'est comme si orekit était invisible.
Qu'elle est l'astuce ???

You probably forgot to link your new project with either Orekit source
project or Orekit binary jar. If you are working in the Eclipse IDE,
this is configured by selecting in the project explorer contextual menu
the entry "Build Path" -> "Configure Build Path". If Orekit is a project
belonging to your Eclipse workspace then you should select the "Projects"
tab and click it so your current project will be linked to the Orekit project.
If on the other hand you don't have an Orekit project in your Eclipse workspace, then you should use the Orekit binary jar (which can be downloaded on the Orekit forge) and instead of selecting the "Projects" tab you should select the "Libraries" tab and here use the "Add external jars" button to have your project use the binary

I may also suggest you to attend a training session on Orekit that could help
you make the first steps faster. Contact me directly if you want some information
about this.

best regards,

Merci d'avance.

Agnès Francastel.

OS/SA/M, Advanced Projects & System, Mission & System
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