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[Orekit Users] question on using Orekit



I’m new to using Orekit and I have one question.


Suppose we have onboard navigation data from the GPS receiver, which routines within Orekit, if  they exist, that can be used to process the GPS data and determine the orbit as an output. Any suggestion or information is appreciated. Thank you!


Alfred Ng

Gestionnaire  (Électronique et contrôle), Sciences & technologies spatiales

Agence spatiale canadienne / Gouvernement du Canada
alfred.ng@canada.ca / Tél. : 450-926-4641 / Tél. cell. : 514-502-5568

Manager (Electronics & Control), Space Science & Technology
Canadian Space Agency / Government of Canada
alfred.ng@canada.ca / Tel: 450-926-4641 / Cel. : 514-502-5568