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[Orekit Users] Time of propagation DSSTPropagator


I have another question about the DSST and I would be grateful for your

I used the DSSTPropagator to propagate an orbit with perturbations due to
Earth, Moon and Sun and the drag force. For propagating an orbit during 1
year, I spent 45s which seems quite a lot. Whereas, whit only Earth’s
perturbations, I spent 6s. I also tested the propagation without drag which
gave me also 45s and only with Erath and drag which gave me 34s. I used the
RangeKutta integrator and the DormandPrince integrator without founding
noticeable differences between them.  The minimum step of time used was 1h and
maximum 1 day.

 I am wondering if it is not too much time and why there is such a big
difference when there are Moon and Sun perturbations.

Best regards,