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Re: [Orekit Users] Python wrapper installation


It is not super-easy but the easiest way is to install the anaconda python distribution from:

Anaconda can install in the user directory of windows without admin rights

You need a java engine for it, and the windows python orekit version in conda is prepared for the one installed by:
conda install -c cyclus java-jdk

Then orekit is installed by:
conda install -c ssc jcc
conda install -c ssc orekit

I think that you then should be able to do "import orekit"
Can highly recommend using jupyter notebook if you are beginner, install by:
conda install notebook

and then type "jupyter notebook" and you get a nice web interface to python.

I will consider if it is possible to make a download-and-go version :)

Good luck!

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 5:21 PM, Fourest <sebastien.fourest@cnes.fr> wrote:

I'm trying to intall orekit with the python wrapper on my PC at work. I have
several problems :
 - I am not an expert in computer science, and the explanations found on the
orekit website are a little bit too tricky for me
 - I have many restrictions on my computer : I can only connect to some
websites to download some packages, neither can I install everything I want on

Is there a way to get this installation in an easy way ? A zip folder to
uncompress, and then just having to type "import orekit" in the python console
and that's it ?

Thank you for your support !
Sébastien Fourest

Petrus Hyvönen, Uppsala, Sweden
Mobile Phone/SMS:+46 73 803 19 00