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Re: [Orekit Users] removing Droziner and Cunningham attraction models ?


Will this have an impact on DSST?



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On 07/12/2017 11:58 am, MAISONOBE Luc wrote:
Hi all,

We have had for years three different force models implementations
dealing with gravity fields : Droziner, Cunningham and Holmes-Featherstone.

The Holmes-Featherstone, introduced in 2013, is by far the most interesting. It has all derivatives implemented analytically, it uses normalized gravity
field and it can go beyond degree 69 (in fact up to a few thousands).

As our gravity field loading mechanism allows to retrieve both normalized and un-normalized coefficients regardless of what is canonically contained
in gravity fields files, it would be really easy for user codes using
the older models to switch to the "new" one, while still using the exact
same gravity field.

I would like to completely remove the older models.

Are there any people who would complain about this removal?

best regards,