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[Orekit Users] Orekit attitude numerical integration

Hi all,

I am contemplating using Orekit as the kinematics/dynamics engine for a 6DOF
simulator focused on testing Guidance and Control laws.

After studying the documentation I was able to identify most of the critical
components needed for the sim (e.g. orbit propagation, environment models,
navigation algorithms, frame and time definitions, other) but I can't figure
out how to  build the attitude components in a way that allows the control
laws to be tested.

Because of the simulator nature, the satellite attitude/angular rates have to
be propagated/integrated taking into account torques and perturbations from
the actuators which in turn are commanded by the guidance and control laws.
Mathematically it is the same as for the kinematics.

So, my question is:

Does anyone know if all the propagation algorithms provided in Orekit are
tailored for spacecraft kinematics? Or am I missing an implementation for the
spacecraft dynamics?

Thanks in advance!

Joao Silva.