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Re: [Orekit Users] Add force models during propagation

Thanks for the response, Evan.

ConstantThrustManeuver has been eye-opening.

Nothing prevents me from using my event detector in the ForceModel. In our
code, I've seen where some features are implemented by adding an event
detector to the propagator, and some are implemented by adding a ForceModel,
which itself has event detectors. So I'm seeing 2 paths wherein I'm providing
event detectors. I guess I was having trouble reconciling the two. For my
case, I think ConstantThrustManeuver has shown me the light.

My force changes will be discontinuous, I'm sure. Thanks for the

I'm assuming that addContribution() is not called at all unless the event
detector g() has a zero-crossing?

Do you know if addContribution() is called before or after the event
detector's resetState()? I need to call the external controller to get the
force. I need to do that just once at the zero-crossing.

Thanks again.