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Re: [Orekit Users] Build failure -- something new?

w.grossman@ieee.org a écrit :

I did a git clone today and tried to do a build.  I got three errors (listed
below).  I understand the last one is a threshold problem.  The first two are

Any ideas?

  CelestialBodyFactoryTest.multithreadTest:234->checkMultiThread:268 Not all
threads finished -> possible deadlock

The timeour for this test is set to 5 seconds, which should be already
quite large (on my 10 years old computer, it takes 1.2s to run). Maybe
you have some bottleneck somewhere (very busy machine, shared disks on a
network with latency...). You can increase the timeout at line 262
of file CelestialBodyFactoryTest.java.

  NetworkCrawlerTest.compressed:82 expected:<2> but was:<0>

Case 1: if you running the tests with either maven or with eclipse with
        project configured as a maven project, could you check that
        the target directory (created automatically during compilation
        at project top level) does contains two files

Case 2: if you are running the tests with some other IDE or configuration,
        check for the same two files in the build, or bin, or some
        similar folder created by your IDE during compilation

These two files are copies from two files with the same name located
in the src/test/resources/compressed-data folder.

You may try to recompile the full project to ensure the resource
files are properly copied before the tests are run (under Eclipse,
this is done by doing Project->Clean...), I don't know about other

  OrbitDeterminationTest.testW3B:384 expected:<0.687998> but

Did you clone the develop branch or the master branch? In the
develop branch, the threshold has been raised to 1.0e-4 but the
master branch is still at the level it was when 9.2 was released,
due to our decision to follow git-flow branching model
(see <https://www.orekit.org/forge/projects/orekit/wiki/Guidelines>).
The master branch will change only when the next release will be

best regards,