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Re: [Orekit Users] Generate TLE

Hi Javier,

To convert ephemeris data to a TLE, you have to use the FiniteDifferencePropagatorConverter which allows to convert a list of SpacecraftState, to be build from the ephemeris data, into a TLEPropagator, from which you can get a TLE.

The OMMFile is only supposed to be recovered from a CCSDS OMM file parsed thanks to the OMMParser, so it isn't the right way to do the expected job.

Best regards,


Le 06/07/2018 à 10:27, javier.montemayor.mancias@emi.fraunhofer.de a écrit :
Hi guys,

I'm trying to generate a TLE from ephemeris data but can't find a way to do
so. Does anybody know how to do it? I've found that the OMMFile class has a
generateTLE() method but I don't see any way to link the file to that method.

Best regards,