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Re: [Orekit Users] Reading RINEX files

w.grossman@ieee.org a écrit :

I am having trouble reading RINEX files.  I looked at the test code and tried
to copy it as an example.  Is the argument to RinexLoader a file name/path or
a regex?  If the name does not follow RINEX naming convention, will OreKit
know it is RINEX 3?

If you use the constructor with a supportedName argument, then this supportedName is a regexp that should match the file part (i.e. without directories). The file
should be in the orekit-data. In this case, orekit handles by itself things
like decompression of .Z files (the .Z should not be in the suffix, Orekit will
know about it and strip it in the decompression layer).

There is also another constructor, with an InputStream and a name. In this case,
the caller is responsible for opening the file and giving the resulting
InputStream. The name in this case is only used for error messages in the
exceptions. In this case, caller has to handle decompression (but can certainly
call the other Orekit classes for doing so).

best regards,