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[Orekit Users] Migration to Gitlab

Dear all,

The migration of the ageing Orekit development platform on a new server became urgent. We decicded to take advantage of the opportunity to modernize our tools. The first migrated component is the forge. From now on, Redmine is replaced by Gitlab:


At this stage, only 3 projects were migrated:

I already created an account on Gitlab for all the people having created or commented an issue (it was required by the Gitlab API). In such case, the login and the email are identical to those of Redmine, but the user password is not set. To initialize your password, you must visit the following page:


and ask a password reset.

Please, do not use Redmine anymore. I will archive the migrated projects.

Have a good day!


Sébastien Dinot
Free Software Expert
CS SI - Space BU - Payload, Data & Applications
Parc de la Grande Plaine - 5, rue Brindejonc des Moulinais - BP 15872
31506 Toulouse Cedex 05 - France
+33 (0)5 61 17 64 48 - sebastien.dinot@c-s.fr