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[Orekit Developers] Thinking in SOCIS2011


I am a Spanish student of computer science and after seeing the announcement of Socis I've been reviewing the ideas propopes by Orekit. I'm especially interested  in  one of them called "Space flight dynamics Create a pocket calculator application for android mobile devices".  I'm learning more about your project and the scope of it and I hope that within a few days I may perform a well-formulated proposal to develop this idea.

In advance I can tell you that I have experience in development in different languages ​​(especially Java) and also I've developed some applications for Android within the scope of the university.

According to point in the summary of the idea which I mean these would be the six main points:
  • set up a development environment for Android devices,
  • check if Apache Commons Math can be used on such devices,
  • check if Orekit can be used on such devices,
  • build a simple application for touch-screen devices that computes spacecraft visibility from ground station,
  • add orbit conversions features
  • add impulse maneuvers handling
On the first point of them I have my own development environment for applications on Android based on Eclipse wiht virtual machines of Android.

On the second one I am researching the issue but I think if it would be possible to use the Apache Commons package Maths, I will try to make a quick test to check in the nexts days.
Also I downloaded and installed the sources and I have thought Orekit review to get an idea of the project.


David Martín Nieto
Parla - Madrid - Spain