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Re: [Orekit Developers] Status of the Android application -- 2

Hi Alexis,

OK, it runs well for me.

I've seen that you already discussed the specifications for the maneuver with Luc but ...
a few comments/suggestions (to be approved by Luc) :
* about the UI :
  - (minor) it will be useful to mention all the input units, when it makes sense (Velocity increment (m/s)). All units are SI in Orekit.
  - start date/end date are confusing to me. What this app does is to propagate one input orbit from an initial date(practically the input orbitdate)to some final date, where we want to retrieve the computed orbit parameters. As we consider an impulse maneuver, with no duration, start date and end date don't mean maneuver duration, the end date is really the final date for the propagation, but start date stands here for the maneuver time. In fact it would be much more suitable to be able to chose the kind of event which triggers the maneuver (among a predefined TBD list of meaningful ones such as apside, date...). Luc, what do you think of this ?
  - by the way, the TLE format contains the orbit date (line 1 fields 7 & 8), so we must provide a way to optionnaly input or not some date(this holds also for the orbit conversion). In the first case, the propagate method must be called, as it is already done in your code.
  - the final orbit is shown in cartesian form ... and I guesssometimesit won't be the good one, so it will be fine to ask as an input for the choice of the output orbit format.
* about the code :
  - in the ManeuverComputeActivity, even for the TLE you can get : orbit_frame = propagator.getFrame (line 167) as the TLE propagator is a full Propagator.

Thank you for this good job (and sorry for these little spec changes...)

Have a nice WE


Le 11/08/2011 22:19, Alexis ROBERT a écrit :
On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 10:02 PM, Alexis ROBERT<alexis.robert@gmail.com>  wrote:
If you want to test impulse maneuver support, I've published a new
snapshot with it :
Ooops... I inadvertently removed an "import java.util.Locale;" in
DateProxy.java so the file couldn't build, and instead of warning me
that I had an error Eclipse has still made the .apk with bugged
classes files (and I don't know how he did it). As a result the
application crashes. Sorry :(

The correct apk is here :

(I've removed the bugged one)