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Re: [Orekit Developers] New snapshot with favorites management

Le 29/08/2011 23:28, Alexis ROBERT a écrit :
> Hi,

Hello Alexis,

> I know the time between the snapshots is being longer, but as I've
> finished the big parts of the feature list (except if I misunderstood
> some parts), I'm currently just polishing the UI and doing things I was
> pushing away for later before considering 2D orbit visualization.
> The URL for the release is here :
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6734910/orekit/orekit-20110829.apk
> The release is not on the forge, because the forge has a 5MB limit for
> files, and this file's size is 5.4MB.

OK, I have raised the limit to 32MiB and uploaded the file to the forge.

> Changelog :
> * The dataset is embedded in this .apk, you can notice this in the
>   greater file size
> * Add favorites management for stations and orbits (this feature works
>   by serializing OrbitProxy instances in a SQLite database)
> * The "next" button in the virtual keyboard now works for Vector3D
>   input.


>   This issue wasn't as easy as it first sounds. The reason is that when
>   you press the "Next" button, Android will try to find the next widget
>   to edit with a "DOWN" direction, and not a "RIGHT" direction like we
>   would like for Vector3D.
>   I've managed to fix this once, but the fix was flawed when there were
>   two Vector3D widgets in the same panel. But I figured that you can
>   catch keyboard actions (like reply to the "Next"/"Done"/"Search"
>   button in the virtual keyboard) by using
>   TextView.setOnEditorActionListener(), and override Android's way.

I'll have a look at the code. Does this mean we will have to do such
overridin in every input form we create ?

> * Fix DashboardLayout
>   The DashboardLayout used in Orekit's front page was taken from Google
>   I/O 2011 app (under Apache2 license), but I had some troubles with
>   it.
>   In fact when you add an icon, you can see that it doesn't avoid
>   buttons overlapping (you can see this behavior here :
>   http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/3061/dashboardlandscape.png ).
>   I fixed the problem by adding a penalty in the positionment algorithm
>   when the unwanted behavior is met. I've submitted the patch on their
>   bug tracker here :
>   http://code.google.com/p/iosched/issues/detail?id=19. I wanted to fix
>   this before releasing this snapshot, and I fixed it this morning.

I will look at it this evening. I have neither wifi, nor an appropriate
USB cable nor a microSD card reader here.

> * Add home-made icons in DashboardLayout
> * Add back/home icon in the toolbar
> * Radians input fields are now in degrees (and conversion is done at
>   compute time, as Luc wanted)
> * You can now convert the resulting orbit after a maneuver, by clicking
>   on the "Convert" button in the toolbar on the result page.
> * Use real names for frames
> * In the Maneuver part, LOF and non-LOF frames are now merged in the
>   same form field.
> * It now uses the official way of getting default sdcard path (instead
>   of hard-wiring "/sdcard/", it uses
>   Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() )

Very good. I noticed some name changes when I switched my tablet to
Android 3.0 (sdcard2 was replaced by externalcard or something similar)
and was worried about this.

> Known issues and drawbacks :
> * I don't know if you like the way we display output data, especially
>   orbit data and position/vector data. Would you like it to be written
>   in a tabular form (with no borders), or are you fine with the current
>   way ?

I'll have to look at the display on the tablet itself before I can
answer with this new version.

> * In order to embed the dataset in the apk, I've used Orekit's
>   ClasspathCrawler, but it didn't work (and raised a
>   NullPointerException) if I didn't change all the
>   ClasspathCrawler.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(name) to
>   getClass().getResourceAsStream(name) in Orekit.

I would prefer the dataset to be installed along with the apk but not be
embedded in it, so user can change the data set. Some data are updated
regularly, for example new values for the Earth Orientation Parameters
are published each month.

>   I don't understand why (and I haven't searched much, but I can search
>   if you want). The "git diff" is attached.
> * The home layout doesn't seem to render well on big screens like
>   tablets, and I may make a specific layout for tablets.
> Apart from the known issues and drawbacks part, I'm not
> currently thinking of any changes to do at UI level, so tell me if
> that's suiting you.
> If that suits you, I'll now try to dig dipper in the optimization part
> and then try to begin 2D orbit visualization.

OK we will tell you.

Pascal and myself won't be available on Wednesday and Thursday. We may
be able to get a connection on Wednesday evening but don't expect to
much feedback before Friday.

best regards

> Have a nice day,
> Alexis