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Re: [Orekit Developers] Satellite Tracker demo application

Hello Thomas,

Let me introduce myself.

I have attached a paper I presented at the 4th ICATT in Madrid in 2010. I am very interested in the topic of orbit determination using orekit.


Paul Cefola

Dr. Paul J. Cefola
Adjunct Professor, Dept. Of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Consultant in Aerospace Systems, Spaceflight Mechanics,&  Astrodynamics
508-696-1884 (Vineyard Haven MA home phone)
978-201-1393 (cell)


On 3/26/2012 2:51 PM, Thomas Neidhart wrote:

I have created a small webapp prototype of a satellite tracker that uses
orekit to propagate the satellite orbits.

It's basically a tutorial how to use Vaadin together with Spring and
JPA, and I wanted to something more interesting than just a simple CRUD

The result maybe also of interest to this community and can be found
here (Apache license): https://github.com/netomi/sat-tracker

To use it just type in the following:

   git clone git://github.com/netomi/sat-tracker.git
   mvn clean compile
   mvn jetty:run

After that, the application can be accessed at


There are already quite a bunch of similar applications available, but
none of them uses orekit ;-).

Any comments or feedback or ideas for more features is welcome.

btw. the orekit version I have used has some (local) changes:

  - make use of frames thread-safe
  - add support for ephemeris mode to TLEPropagator


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