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[Orekit Developers] Frames and WeakHashMap


First, as this is my first time posting to this list, allow me to introduce myself. I'm an engineer working for the US Naval Research Lab in astrodynamics. My interests include orbit determination, global sensitivity/uncertainty analysis, and ice cream. :)

Thanks to the Orekit team for a well-designed and accurate library.

While looking in to concurrent orbit propagation I noticed several issues relating to how Frame and FramesFactory use WeakHashMaps. After reading up on WeakHashMap I learned it has two unintuitive attributes: - WeakHashMap is *synchronized* on get and put operations. It calls getTable() which calls expungeStaleEntries() which is synchronized on a final member of the class.
  - WeakHashMap uses WeakReferences to store the *key* and not the value.

In Frame.findCommon(...) use of WeakHashMap causes contention even when the common frame is already known because of the synchronized get(..). In my highly concurrent test case I noticed a speed up when I simply removed the commons cache. My guess is that the logic and comparisons in findCommon(...) are insignificant compared to the floating point operations in computing the Transform. I propose removing the commons map or looking in to using a ConcurrentHashMap (Java 6).

In FramesFactory a WeakHashMap is used to cache frames as they are created, with a Predefined as the key. Once created, Frames are never removed from the cache because every Predefined is static final (an enum). This is not a pressing issue, but it appears that the intent is a Frame would be garbage collected once the application is done with it. If the current state is acceptable I propose using a plain HashMap to avoid the extra overhead. If garbage collecting old Frames is important, perhaps a SoftReference as the value would work.

Evan Ward