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[Orekit Developers] Brown University Space Horizons Workshop: Space Infrastructure

Coming in late February 2014:


"Space Infrastructure focuses on the role of pre-placed facilities and
resources that allow a spacecraft to accomplish a mission goal without
hauling a full suite of supplies and capabilities up from the launch
pad.  At a certain point there are enough spacecraft in orbit that it
pays to start building “highways, service plazas, gas stations, cell
phone networks, hotels, water mains and coordinated traffic lights” –
obviously not exactly those things. Yet there must be a clear tipping
point where space infrastructure begins to dramatically lower the cost
and complexity of space systems ...."

The exovivarium concept is probably premature for this Brown
conference, since there's not enough detailed design on it yet. At
best, it's synergistic with space hotels:

However, I have proposed (and have recently begun work on) a Project
Persephone activity that could help tie together quite a few of this
workshop's "not-exactly-these-things": integrating Orekit, an orbital
mechanics class library, into SpaceNet II, a space logistics


This technology might be key to assessing just where the "clear
tipping point" will be, for any true space economy that exovivaria
might serve.

Orekit has a set of ESA Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) project proposals:


Here's a goal that I think is reasonably modest: send this Space
Horizons Workshop a student (or more than one) who has worked on the
integration of Orekit into SpaceNet II. The work product should meet
the requirements of Orekit's project (see above) to "Create a
demonstration application with user interaction for Orekit features".
Ideally, the student(s) would be from one of the Project Persephone
equatorial mountain beneficiary zones (Indonesia, East Africa,
Ecuador), with their participation considered part of
space-development capacity-building for those developing nations.

Michael Turner

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