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[Orekit Developers] Attitude tutorial code - EventDetector.Action deprecated, and not used in tutorial web page

Not sure how to report this problem in the documentation - guidance appreciated.

The problem might be out-of-date code in a tutorial example.


The tutorial code for attitudes uses EventDetector.Action --
EventDetector.Action is deprecated.


Here is the code where I'm running into the problem.


This means the output is not what the tutorial page describes. At the
point where the tutorial's description of the output has this:

"2004-01-01T23:55:57.968 : event occurred, exiting eclipse =>
switching to day law"

followed by more output, instead, there's the final message:

"Propagation ended at 2004-01-01T23:55:57.968"

When I change the downloaded code to use "int" instead of Action, and
change Action.CONTINUE to just CONTINUE, as show on the tutorial web
page, it only gives me errors about how CONTINUE "cannot be resolved
to a variable", and how the return type is not compatible with

I'm linking against Orekit 6.1, working in Eclipse.

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