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Re: [Orekit Developers] SOCIS Schedule


I still have some spare time these weeks so I should be able to do more than just compile the project.

I'd like to start making sense of the code as soon as I can, so far I have cloned the repo and ran the available tests[2]. How should I best proceed to learn about the codebase and components related to the data-loading project? So far I've had a quick glance at the wiki and found diagrams regarding data-handling[1].

I would also like to work on bugs (no promises on fixes! ^.^) that could help me learn more about the data-loading section of the code, so if there are any please forward them to me. 

Please note that, as the proposal said, I have no knowledge on space flight dynamics. If you have references to articles or papers that could help me make more sense of the code I will be working on they are greatly appreciated!


[1] https://www.orekit.org/forge/projects/orekit/wiki/Configuration
[2] I seem to have several failing tests due to rounding errors: 

Failed tests: 
  EventShifterTest.testNegNeg:64 expected:<2300.238432465> but was:<2300.2384324666564>
  EventShifterTest.testNegPos:79 expected:<2300.238432465> but was:<2300.2384324666564>
  EventShifterTest.testPosNeg:98 expected:<2300.238432465> but was:<2300.2384324666564>
  EventShifterTest.testPosPos:113 expected:<2300.238432465> but was:<2300.2384324666564>
  EclipseDetectorTest.testTooSmallMaxIterationCount:105 an exception should have been thrown
  DSSTPropagatorTest.testPropagationWithSolarRadiationPressure:380 expected:<4.216625799807995E7> but was:<4.2166257996152095E7>
  DSSTPropagatorTest.testIssue157:453 expected:<8758.8> but was:<8733.563709354028>
  SolidTidesFieldTest.testDeltaCnmSnm:239 expected:<-2.6732289327355114E-9> but was:<-2.6732287866060995E-9>
  DragForceTest.testParameterDerivativeSphere:69->AbstractForceModelTest.checkParameterDerivative:104 expected:<0.0> but was:<1.6421545637449973E-18>
  HarrisPriesterTest.testUserTab:199 expected:<0.021637889734841487> but was:<0.02163788973510572>
  HarrisPriesterTest.testParameterN:95 expected:<0.021637889734841487> but was:<0.021637889735105276>