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[Orekit Developers] forge migration to be expected soon

Hi all,

Since a few years, the Orekit project has used the Chiliproject forge,
which is a fork of the Redmine forge. As the development of Chiliproject
has stopped and as Redmine has integrated back the various changes from
the fork, we are going to switch back to Redmine.

The time frame for the migration is around the start of next week.
We don't expect the migration to exceed one or two days. The Orekit
server will be unavailable during the migration. Both the forge and git
repository will be unavailable. The mailing lists should be unaffected.

After migration, the new forge will contain the same projects,
sub-projects, users, passwords, issues, ... The look and feel will be
slightly different. The wiki syntax will be changed from Textile to
Markdown (we will take care to convert the pages, but perhaps not
immediately, so you may experience some weird layout in the wiki for a
few days after migration).

One important change is that the last part of the URL for Git access
will change. Redmine does not allow the Git repository to have exactly
the same name as the project, so we have to rename the repository. In
order to update the connection between your local repository and the
main one on our server, you will have to run something similar to the

 updating access to read-only repository (http), assuming it is
 referred to as "origin":

 git remote set-url origin http://www.orekit.org/git/orekit-main

 updating access to read-write repository (ssh), assuming it is
 referred to as "origin":

 git remote set-url origin ssh://git@www.orekit.org/orekit-main.git

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Luc, on behalf of the Orekit team