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Re: [Orekit Developers] Database Support Progress

Hello Luc,

> The scenario is correct. The only thing is that case 1 (loading) and  
> case 2 (updating the database) are really two different parts. In  
> fact, it may even be done by different persons with different rights,  
> so separating them in two different applications is the way to go. We  
> don't intend to support applications that both use and modify on the  
> fly data to use updated data immediately
Alright, this makes it easier! I will start programming as soon as 
possible and will keep the mailing list up-to-date with any big goals.

I have one more question though, if we allow the reader to be able to 
easily choose the mapping of columns and fields of the data in his database,
would there also be such a need for the standalone application?
In my opinion the standalone application should be able to connect to a
user-configurable database and be compatible with the default database loaders
and nothing more. What are your thoughts?