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[Orekit Developers] Maven Importing Advice

Hello All,

I have recently started having problems importing Orekit projects into eclipse using the "Import..." "Existing Maven Projcts" option under the File menu.  It turns out something is going wrong with the Tycho Project Configurator.  The first time you import a project in a blank Eclipse it has to go download that plugin.  It then fails with an error at the end of the building process, which is after the project is finished loading.  The next time through it fails at the beginning, so the whole thing is short circuited, the project isn't properly built and the whole thing comes crashing down.  

It seems that if you defer loading that plugin during the import step then everything runs fine.  I never ran into this problem before and I'm not sure when it started happening.  It's not specific to Orekit since the old 6.1 sources are generating the problem and I never saw this problem before.  The attached screenshot shows what the options look like when it starts trying to import. If you set the second option, "maven-bundle-plugin" to "Resolve Later" (just hit "Resolve All Later") then it defers the loading of the plugin and the project will be built as necessary.

I confirmed that I can run all the unit tests via JUnit test and they all pass the same as they do when run from the command line.  Hopefully this problem will eventually resolve itself.

Hank Grabowski 

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