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Re: [Orekit Developers] Roadmap for next version

Le 30/01/2015 13:30, paulcefo a écrit :
> Luc,

Hi Paul,

> I should make comments on this topic.
> I have saved the text as a .odt.
> Some of my comments will reference the work that graduate student
> Srinivas Setty is doing on orbit determination using the F77 DSST. We
> should think about how that interface might work.
> May I share your text with Srinivas?

Sure, this list is public.

> Also a question:  Does the commons-math contain a linear algebra
> capability?

Yes. We do have linear algebra for dense systems (including LU
decomposition, QR decomposition, SVD, eigen values) so we can solve
directly linear systems, either square problems or rectangular
over-determined problems in least-squares sens.

Apache Commons Math also include leasts squares fitting using
Gauss-Newton or Levenberg-Marquardt) and general optimization using
non-linear conjugate gradient, or direct methods without derivatives
like Nelder-Mead, Torczon's multidirectional, CMAES or BOBYQA.

It also provides a Kalman filter.

best regards,

> best regards,
> Paul