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Re: [Orekit Developers] orekit performance, jvm & architecture

Petrus Hyvönen <petrus.hyvonen@gmail.com> a écrit :


Hi Petrus,

I was making some performance tests with the python-orekit library and
found a quite a difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit jvm. This is not
very scientific test, done on laptop on battery power but indicates that
64-bit should be faster which is a bit contrary to what I read on many
articles on the net. There is a certain part of python also that may

  N maxheap  32 bit(s) 64 bit(s) Reduction  AbstractDetectorTest.py 10, 256m
2,23 1,73 22%  AltitudeDetectorTest.py 100 ,256m 0,29 0,32 -10%
NodeDetectorTest.py 10 ,256m 4,63 4,14 11%      KeplerianConverterTest.py
100 ,256m 7,82 6,33 19%  BackandforthTest.py 100 ,256m 1,32 1,24 6%
These test are not 1:1 to the java tests.

Do you have any experience on performance optimization for the jvm? Are you
running 32 or 64 bit? Does the maxheap parameter influence significantly?

I am running a 64 bits OpenJDK jvm on Linux, mainly inside an Eclipse environment. I never tried to optimize runtime by JVM tuning, but rather focused on the algorithms and source code level (I just push such an improvement a few minutes ago by the way).

best regards,

Best Regards