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Re: [Orekit Developers] Continuous integration

Hi all,

Our great sysadmin, Sébastien

Waouh, you are going to make me blush!

For now we did not trigger automatic notification of build errors, what do you
think we should do? We could have build errors sent directly to the developers
list, or we may simply send them to a people who want to be notified (typically
the core developers).

For this kind of monitoring, I usually subscribe to the RSS or Atom feeds through Thunderbird. It is very convenient because I receive these notifications in a way that is very similar to emails (but in dedicated folders, not in my inbox). Jenkins provides severall RSS feeds:

  • To be informed of all Orekit builds:
  • To be informed of all Orekit builds which failed
  • To be informed of all builds (Orekit and others):
  • To be informed of all builds (Orekit and others) which failed:

How to Subscribe to News Feeds and Blogs: