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[Orekit Developers] Taylor differential algebra available in a branch of the git repository

Hi all,

I have committed Andrea's work from last few months in a new taylor-algebra branch
in the main git repository.

As we both the master branch and Andrea's private branch evolved a lot and we did not use git properly for some intermediate merges, we have decided to squash everything in a single commit using the current master branch as the parent. It will indeed be much
easier to read this way.

Beware, this code is still Work In Progress! There are for example 9 tests that fail, Andrea will have a look at it to complete thi work. There are also some parts in the force models that have not been completed, for example related to density in atmosphere models. So there are TODO comments in a few parts and the corresponding code throws
UnsupportedOperationException. Of course, this should also be completed.

I would be happy if anyone in the community could have a look at it and help us complete this work. We intend to merge thi branch back to master as soon as possible,
and probably release Orekit 9.0 afterwards.

best regards,