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Re: [Orekit Developers] OEMWriter Work

Hi Hank,

MAISONOBE Luc <luc.maisonobe@c-s.fr> a écrit :

Hank Grabowski <hank@applieddefense.com> a écrit :

I've finished the implementation of the OEMWriter, and the corresponding
unit tests.  They are ready for review on branch 259-OEMWriter.  I also
created an OrekitEphemerisFile object for easier serialization to an
external ephemeris format, with corresponding unit test for showing to/from
OEM file.  That is in a separate branch
called 259-OrekitEphemerisPropagator off of the original 259-OEMWriter
branch.  Both should be ready for review.

Thanks Hank,

I'll try to review this next week.

I have reviewed your changes. They seem fine to me, there are just a few
details that could be improved.

 - rather than throwing IllegalArgumentException with English fixed formats,
   we should rather use OrekitIllegalArgumentException and dedicated
   entries in the OrekitMessages enum for the format. Beware the resource
   files in src/main/resources/assets/org/orekit/localization must include
   the entries, or OrekitMessagesTest junit tests will fail. If you look
   in these files, you will see how to setup the entries for languages
   you don't know about (search for <MISSING TRANSLATION>),

 - the branch is a few commits late with respect to master, I did not try
   to merge myself, so do not know if there are any conflicts,

 - the src/site/xdoc/changes.xml, src/site/markdown/index.md and
   src/main/java/overview.html should be updated to notify users about the
   new feature (note the two last files have similar content but with
   different syntax, html vs. markdown).

Thanks a lot for this new feature!

best regards,

best regards,