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Re: [Orekit Developers] Fix for end point exceptions on Ephemeris propagator

On 01/17/2017 03:34 AM, Luc Maisonobe wrote:
Le 16/01/2017 à 22:53, Hank Grabowski a écrit :
Hello all,

I'm surprised I haven't run into this before but on a project I'm
starting to see exceptions with the Ephemeris propagator when I'm doing
event detection.  If the event straddles an end point then the
ImmutableTimestampedCache is asked to return points just outside of the
data bounds. It looks like the EventState.evaluateStep is sometimes
taking the final state and slightly perturbing it forward beyond the
ephemeris bounds (it doesn't know it's the final state of the ephemeris
obviously).  We are getting around this by backing off the propagation
window by a second but it'd be ideal if we could do something like:

-load ephemeris
-get ephemeris start date
-get ephemeris stop date
-set up event detectors
-propagator from the start date to the stop date
-collect the detected dates

I'd change Ephemeris.basicPropagate to first check if the requested date
is within the bounds or not.  If it is outside the bounds it will get
the "interpolatedState" by doing the SpacecraftState.shiftedBy operator
rather than trying to interpolate.  My thought is that if it is within a
certain tolerance (like 1e-6 or something) then we just do it but if the
requested date is outside of that range then it checks a user
configurable field a user can set allowing/forbidding extrapolation.

This is fine with me. This is exactly what shiftedBy is intended for:
small time offsets to allow fine tuning in the neighborhood of an
already known state.

Sounds fine to me. Just make to tolerance configurable. An unfortunate side effect of the bracketing algorithm used in event detection is that it can look past the end of a step by up to the tolerance set for that event detector. The algorithm could be reconfigured to not look past the end of a step, but then it may not trigger any events that are within the event detector's tolerance of the end date of propagation.

Best Regards,

I'd like to get this into Orekit 9.0 if everyone agrees.
Sure. Anyway, we will again be late for 9.0. Hipparchus 1.1 is still
not published.

best regards,

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