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Re: [Orekit Developers] Is it possible to rename BooleanDetector.{and,or,not} to not collide with Python keywords?


Wow that was super fast! Thank you very much.

I looked over the commit and it looks good. I’m good with the method names.

Thanks again!

Glenn Ehrlich
KinetX Aerospace

On 6/30/17, 1:52 PM, "orekit-developers-request@orekit.org on behalf of MAISONOBE Luc" <orekit-developers-request@orekit.org on behalf of luc.maisonobe@c-s.fr> wrote:

    Hi Glenn,
    Glenn Ehrlich <Glenn.Ehrlich@kinetx.com> a écrit :
    > All,
    > Thanks to some great advice I receoved on the user’s list last week,  
    > I looked into the new BooleanDetector class. I built a python  
    > wrapper with it but I can’t use the class from the python wrapper  
    > because ‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘not’ are reserved keywords in python, so  
    > those can’t be method names in python.
    > I forked the repo and changed them to ‘and_operator’, ‘or_operator’,  
    > ‘not_operator’ (and changed the unit tests) and it works correctly  
    > from the python wrapper.
    > Is it possible to make a change like this before the next official release?
    Sure, I he done it in git repo.
    > I’m not attached to the names ‘and_operator’, ‘or_operator’,  
    > ‘not_operator’. They can be whatever as long as it’s not and, or,  
    > not. Maybe ‘and_combinator’, etc, since it’s combining two  
    > EventDetectors.
    I used andCombine, orCombine and notCombine for the methods names.
    best regards,
    > Glenn Ehrlich
    > KinetX Aerospace