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Re: [Orekit Developers] Using git-flow branching model?

Le 31/07/2017 à 16:46, MAISONOBE Luc a écrit :
I also like seeing the tracks of features introduction, but I often fall short of doing it properly. I either forget to set up a feature branch or forget about the --no-ff flag when merging a branch when I did not forget to create it. So at the end I can only blmae myself when trying to recover my own tracks and have to read commit messages.

To avoid oversight, you can add the following lines in your ~/.gitconfig:

    ff = no

Yes, Sébastien link is really interesting. And knowing him and the OTB project, I am pretty sure everything is already scripted, so it could help if we could borrow their scripts and Continuous Integration process.

Sorry, nothing is scripted but the rights access to Git branches are finely tuned to avoid mistakes:
  • Only release managers can write in master and release-x.y branches.
  • Only the "bot" account can write in nightly branch.
  • ...
With reference to the CI process, nothing or almost can be reused because OTB is a C++ project, using noticeably different tools, even for CI (CTest, CDash, cron and home-made scripts):



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