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Re: [Orekit Developers] Using git-flow branching model?

MAISONOBE Luc <luc.maisonobe@c-s.fr> a écrit :

So I think we agree. I will set up a "develop" branch for next version,
with the pom set up to "9.1-SNAPSHOT" as the pom already needs to know
this version during development, to avoid confusion with released branches.

The develop branch has been set up.

I will also revert the pom setting in master branch to the last release
status, and from now on we should *not* commit to master directly,
but should only merge official release branches there.

The commits made on master branch after 9.0 release have been reverted.
So the state after commit e11b2b0 is equivalent to the state after
commit 44faa1f.

From now on, please *no* direct commit on master. Use feature branches
and merge them to the develop branch.

I will set up a skeleton documentation about this. At first, it will be
really basic (I am on holidays right now, so should not work much).

See <https://www.orekit.org/forge/projects/orekit/wiki/Guidelines> for
the documentation. The same content is also in the guidelines.md file
in the source tree.

Basically, develop is for bleeding edge and master is for stable released

best regards,