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Re: [Orekit Developers] orekit requirements and functional specifications

Le 10/10/2017 à 03:21, rida2613-rida@yahoo.fr a écrit :
> Hello,


> I m just wondering if there is a requirements and/or a functional
> specifications documents used by orekit developer team ?

No. The Orekit project is an open-source project, driven by the
needs of its community under the look of its Project Management

As the project is mature, all the major features and infrastructure
as already been developed, reviewed, and even modified several
times (the project started in 2002). Now, development is performed
to add new features as the needs arise for various space projects,
and the requirements or specification consist mainly in tickets
on the issue tracker for features users would like to see implemented,
discussions on the mailing lists, and in regular developers own

There are no single official reference document, as the project was
not developed in the frame of one specific space project, but is
rather an ongoing long term project already used in numerous different
space projects in various countries.

best regards,

> best regards !